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Professionals with passion

Our company was founded in August 2021 as a combination of several talented traders who, thanks to their passion and outstanding results, in the last few years, mainly on the cryptocurrency markets, have merged into an organized company BIT PLAM LTD based in London UK. Before starting the company, we spent long weeks on calculations that allowed us to finally create the Demo#.com platform, offering outstanding investment returns of 4% -5% per day, while providing investors with the release of their capital through a progressive fee that decreases over the time of the plan investment. This amazing combination gives you outstanding investment comfort, outstanding profits and completely passive income. After all possible tests, we are able to provide a guaranteed income for each started investment plan. We also give our members the opportunity to participate in the referral program, thanks to which you can start earning, even without your own investment.

How do we work

Our activity is mainly based on broadly understood trading. For standard activities, we use professional bots connected to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. They are supervised by our team. Daily trading consists of classic short and medium-term transactions, such as buy and sell, and diversified arbitrage. Our team also makes short-term investments in derivatives, such as fast futures, swaps, etc. A small percentage of the budget is also used for Forex and currency options. Several years of experience of our team is necessary to ensure no capital loss and a guaranteed profit for our members. Our company also has its own capital which is used as support and leverage. All these factors prove that we can offer you one of the best deals on the market. Investment plans, their length and profits have been recalculated in such a way that our company does not lose any financial liquidity and constitutes a guaranteed passive income for you.


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135 Lushington Road
London, SE6 3RQ
United Kingdom

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Registration No: 13595077
Registration Date: 31.08.2021
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